Safety of Your Data is our

Top Priority

  • Multi-level security checks
  • Multiple data backups
  • Stringent data privacy policies

We don’t mix doctor’s software data with consumer data

AbhiDoctor platform uses physically separated infrastructure, protected by industry grade firewalls and a stringent privacy policy, to ensure that the data from AbhiDoctor’s provider software is kept isolated from AbhiDoctor’s consumer data.

For Consumers

  • All data is private and for your eyes only
  • No AbhiDoctor employee can view the patient data
  • We only send appointment-related messages
  • We send promotional messages with an option to opt-out any time
  • Data is never shared with a third party

For Healthcare Providers

  • We do not have access to read or view your practice data
  • We never send marketing promotions to your walk-in patients
  • No AbhiDoctor employee can view it
  • Data is never shared with a third party
  • Doctor can decide the communication to be sent to their patients
  • Practices cannot see each other’s data

Secure Platform for Healthcare Providers

Each AbhiDoctor product is designed to protect data security and privacy.
Secure Platform
Your data has only one owner. You.

Only you have the control over your data. Neither AbhiDoctor employees nor any third-party can access your information for any purpose except as authorized by you.

We never send promotions to your walk-ins

We never reach out to your walk-in patients or send any promotional communication to them, as per our exhaustive privacy policy. The only way for any patient to receive any promotion from us is if they visit or download our app independently and give us permission to contact them. AbhiDoctor does not have any access to your patient database stored in Ray.

Your data has multiple encrypted backups

All the data is backed up and versioned multiple times at secure locations across the world. We also employ a smart feature called point-in-time recovery to retrieve the data from a specific time period.

We don’t sell your data

We are fully aware of the sensitivity of your healthcare information and take data privacy extremely seriously. We go to great lengths to protect it and never ever sell it to anyone.

Secure place for your health data

Keeping your data safe is at the core of every decision we make at AbhiDoctor.
Your data is for your eyes only

Anything that you share on AbhiDoctor is completely private. No one else can access it. We give unprecedented level of control so that only you can decide who sees what.

Everything is protected with 256-bit encryption

AbhiDoctor uses world-class standards to shield your data from unauthorised intrusion. It is always protected with multiple layers of encryption (256-bit encryption over the network).

2-factor authentication prevents unauthorised access

Extra measures are good. Therefore, we let you enable 2-factor authentication so that your data is absolutely secure and no one else can access it except you.

suspicious logins
Remote logout fends off suspicious logins

Whenever a new device logs into your account, AbhiDoctor notifies you immediately, so that you can review the activity and log out if needed.